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This website is dedicated to the European research project1 “Smart Grid Metrology” and intends to provide information to and bring together stakeholders from the industry. In the navigation menu we provide you information about the project aims and results obtained, about the partners involved and industrial stakeholders that are contributing to the project. Registered users have access to all summary reports, workshop presentations, photograph sections and can subscribe to project newsletters. If you are interested to become even more closely linked to the project please read the collaborator section and/or the Stakeholder committee section and contact the project coordinator.

In this Joint Research Project (JRP), a metrological measurement infrastructure is developed to support successful implementation of a Smart Electrical Grid in Europe. The research addresses a series of metrological challenges that will provide essential support to ensure security of electricity supply and grid stability, grid quality, and fair trade between commercial parties employing the grid. Following these objectives of the project four scientific and technical work packages have been defined:

    1. Measurement framework for monitoring stability of smart grids via application of reliable and accurate Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). In the JRP, set-ups will be developed for calibration of PMUs, present commercial PMUs will be evaluated with respect to actual needs and field measurements will be performed in transport and distribution grids in order to prove and increase the applicability of PMUs in monitoring grid stability.

    2. Traceable on-site energy measurement systems for ensuring fair energy trade, including:

  • next generation smart meters based on non-invasive load monitoring (NILM), a technique with which the energy consumption of individual appliances can be monitored.
  • on-line monitoring and calibration of energy meters based on automatic meter reading, leading to reduced calibration cost and increased confidence in the calibration status of energy meters
  • accurate and traceable set-ups for on-site three-phase energy measurements in medium and high voltage grids, for system calibration of revenue metering systems in these grids.

3. Remote on-site measurement of power quality and efficiency. Portable systems and measurement routines for on-site power quality measurement will be developed dedicated to a series of specific applications. Subsequently, a series of on-site case studies will be performed covering ‘pilot’ smart grids, wind turbines, rail grids, distribution grids, and substations.

4. Modelling, simulation and network analysis of the system state of smart grids. Models will be developed of low and medium voltage smart grids, with the aim to optimise observability, controllability and overall design. Research concerns amongst others the optimal number and location of sensors required for reliable measurement of the smart grid system state. The modelling will be improved and validated by measurements on actual laboratory and field smart grids. Also the traceability of wideband current transformers (CTs) and reliability of smart grid data will be addressed.

Cordially yours, Gert Rietveld Project Coordinator October 1st, 2012

1 This project is a so-called Joint Research Project (JRP) and carried out as part of the European Metrology Research Program (EMRP) that is jointly supported by the European Commission and the participating countries within the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET e.V.).